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Jak and Daxter 3
Planetary Defense and War Factory

First, go up to the door leading to the forest. You have five map spots with helmet heads. In essence at each head you smack it, get a countdown and have to ride quickly through the rings shown. When you're done you are back at that head again and it explodes. Work your way from head to head, goin each one. If you need to get up high, use the powered jump flip. When you're done, jump up the pillars to get to the top - it's a rotating planet artifact. You see that the moon coming at you is a big monster.

You're told about the planetary defense that is set up to protect your planet, and warned that other planets have already been destroyed by this monster. You're told to go into the catacombs.

Now you're flying a spaceship and have bombs. There are 12 things to explode. You can get them four at a time, luckily. Just aim for the central pillar. Once you get through the first round, you have to take out the actual towers, they show up as red dots on the map. Then you're done.

It's time to explore the war factory. Step into the marked ring and ride down. Of course, all is not quiet - red robots await you. Walk along the route shooting enemies. There are floor tile things to pound down through.

Go toward the tunnel and Daxter hops in. You have to guide him through. The tunnels start easy and get harder as you go. Note that bad guys will keep generating for you.

Across the route you find a breakable green glass, and then a room with more enemies. You reach another floor pounding spot. Yet more floating platforms, another floor spot, another pipe. Just keep working your way along.

Soon you reach a vehicle and drive it up through the cage doors. When you get to the end, you ride up in the elevator. Head on back out to a big room. Boss Time!

The boss runs around the corners - as you go through phases you get more and more holes in the floor to avoid. Your aim is to kill all enemies, then knock a little red guy into the colored circle below the boss so he explodes the boss. Just get your timing and aim down to get through this one.

Of course it's not over yet! Now the floor starts to fall and you run after him. You're told to shut down the robot factory, and you get a Mass Inverter.

Fight your way through to the statue. He teaches you how to fly :) Woo hoo! This looks REALLY cool. To fly, jump then tap x to flap your wings. It's really a timing thing, to flap at the top of each arc. The first flap gives you a huge height bonus which you then work to maintain from there.

As you face this three-faced statue, there is one platform to the left of him. Behind that is room with 9 eggs worth of prizes. Then go to one on the right hand, which goes up a ramp to a door. In here you learn to fly, working from tower to tower. The lower arch/door on the left here leads nowhere.

At the end of this run, you see the monk. She says the ship has horrors within it, and that the most important artifcat is in her keeping. She gives it to you. Now there are new secrets available - the mass inverter dur upgrade.

Now you're called back.

Jak and Daxter 3 Walkthrough

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