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Jak and Daxter 3
Slaying Flowers

To start this section, get yourself all the way back to town. Go up to the turret as marked on your map, hopping up the ledges on the island. Time for a battle! Shoot the monsters' red targets as well as bombs they launch. Your 'map' at the bottom of the screen gives you help on where to point. There are tough targets that are knee high ones - these are rough because when you aim at theses you are now vulnerable to the hurling things.

When you finish with the first wave, more come in from the city side. When you're done, they're prety happy with you. Your desert pal comments "But when I was the leader of Haven city ..." that Baron Praxis betrayed him. Proud of you, he gives you the third amulet. You are one of the group, and you have a beacon now. He gives chest armor to you, worn by Mar himself. He was saving it for his own son, but you can wear it. "You give us all hope, Jak".

With your wings, from the arena top area, fly around to gather lots of eggs. When you're set, hop in the shuttle.

It's an easy task to get to the red spot. Here, you are back in the forest area. with lots of red spots. Hop on a rurret and shoot 3 flowery things. also shoot the flying ships. each flower has a health bar. the flowers make the birds. now it says 6 flowers and you have to move on to the next turret. once a se tof 3 is done it is fully done even i fyou have to restart use matter inverter then immediately leap on turret - gives you head start. now leap op to top of pillars to device. you look in machine at ship. "THey're taking me to them" says Jak. Now you're in the ship controlling a robot. x - jump square punch - o - shield kill a few guys, door opens. stomp stomp stompt. health meter - triangle points to current health next room - hit bomb into door. when cracked walk up to hit it. now watch lasers and watch pattern to go through. just go through when stopped in empty place. be patient now in next room - bomb center thing- hole in floor. jump down through. hit bomb into item on left - jump on elevators that spin around. same on other side. use R1 to grab box. put it by wall and hop up. bash ball into zappy thing. it opens a door. take the box over to the other side. kill them all to open the door now you see a bit organic thing in front of you. jump over the electrical thing and bash balls into the central object. actually first get the 3 balls around it. actually don't have to get the outer ball. "Our Hero" you hear. "It couldn't have been" you say. now jump off - now says talk to ashelin red egg 1 - yellow egg 3 get up there, you have to take out the enemy with a risky plan. she's not giving it to you - daxter gets upset. you immediately are in a ship and need to hold R1 in auto fire just keep shooting, including guys jumping, misiles etc. you can't hurt him. you have a health bar too now in main big area - restart here he's at full health so that's good. now you guys just fly circles around and around. why is he flying like this?? finally you get into a tunnel area with yet more guys. finally at end - cut scene of him jumping off. boom - the door opens. get super nova even with efficiency costs half ammo to fire it. super nova takes out everything on the screen. kill all enemies - platform lowers for you. same for next one. again kill more guys and get a ramp. Kill morek, a platform lowers. now you find the baron / metal combo. he jumps into a spot. you pick up the dark eco spot - and sid comes over to rescue you. You jump out just in time. now you're runnign along the streets fighting. get to the tent. "strange forces at work". Bird-monkey is ordered to go with you. room reminds me of banjo kazooie game area work your way along to marked spot on map hoverboarded along to tube thing. you hit beacon and nothing happens kil various enemies and use dark strike when indicated. work along blasting walls, killing enemies, walk along the grading and down the halls. the map is pretty useful here. another strike place, another refill dark area. now you get to bricks that break as you step on them. keep shooting and jumping, more purple things. ricochet shots take out purple thing nests jumping glide rail hop along some more. video - bird is upset with your delay. bad guys show up.

Jak and Daxter 3 Walkthrough

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