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Jak and Daxter 3
Meeting Leapers and a Monk

When you're done with the arena, hop over to the side door on the left. You meet a hefty guy here who has a job for you. If you get six 'rats', he'll let you drive racing vehicles.

You get a leaper and the game almost turns into Spyro as you hop and fly him around the screen. I love it! Race around the town, learning the streets and layout of it. You're going to be in this town for MANY missions, so it's good to learn it. Run around, watching your map, and grab six little rats. The poor critters get gobbled up :)

There are all sorts of mini-challenges in this town and in other locations. You can do them now or later, it doesn't really matter. Feel free to hang out and do them now as you find them - there's no time related issues in this game.

Once you finish the rat challenge, you have a new mark on your map to go to. Head on over. When you're there, you meet a female monk. She doesn't seem to like you - 'hate consumes your eyes'. You have a mini-game to finish here.

This is a game that relies on your knowing your controller keys. You use X, square, circle and triangle to destroy the matching symbols on the screen. In essence all you have to do is hit the buttons while the matching symbol is in a blue aiming target reticule. Most people have played millions of these in the various games on the market - but if this is new for you, consider it an important skill to use. Believe me, you're going to hit this exact same task in other games :) You have to get 75 with only 5 misses.

When you are done, you get a solid eco crystal. Then the artifact flies up in the sky and explodes. Daxter decides he is "Orange lightning" :)

You've got a new symbol on your map now - a fist.

Jak and Daxter 3 Walkthrough

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