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Jak and Daxter 3
Tough Puppy Race

Here's your chance to do some pod racing! You head back to the vehicle master, and he gives you the littlest one there, called Tough Puppy. You have to win a race with it. If you win, you get the cart. If you lose, he'll eat "the rodent".

This race is one you can come back to later to get the silver and gold levels at it. Expect to go around the track a few times just to learn the layout, to learn where the boosts are found and when to use them. Jumping is L1 and boosting is R2. It comes down to not accelerating full bore the entire time. Go gently in the turns, then accelerate and boost on the straightaways. Your vehicle stores up to 3 boosts at a time - those are the 3 red dots over the green bar.

Soon enough you've got this one nailed down, with a little practice and luck. When you do, drive on back to the city.

Note that you can run this race later as many times as you want, to earn higher levels. 3:30 is bronze, 3:00 is gold. You can leap into the water if you want to try again.

Jak and Daxter 3 Walkthrough

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