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Jak and Daxter 3
Lost Wastelanders and Ashley

Head on back into town to talk to the king. He says that a large storm heading your way. There are 4 wastelanders out there not checked in yet. Your task is to bring them back in. Really it's just a four-spot race, you have to run to each new spot and grab the guy that is there. Get back to the town in the time allocated to finish. If you know the desert map by now, it should be pretty straightforward.

OK, another arena battle. This one is interesting because you run into your old friend Sid. He says sorry, then he puts his weapon down. The king is upset - he wants blood. You learn that Sid was a spy in Haven.

Your penalty for not slaying each other is to do some good deeds. There is a nest of metal guys nearby - you have to drive into heart of the nest to slay them all.

You get a gila stomper, which has a tracking weapon. Drive on over to the cave and fire away, blasting until they are all dead.

When they're dead, head back to the garage. At this point you've got a good collection of vehicles you can use. Time to drive - head on out to the tree symbol.

You run into Ashley by the tree. She wants you to go with her to the city. A giant fight ensues, with 57 enemies. Just blast your way through them, it isn't too bad. When you are done, she says she needs you - and you are grumpy and tell her to forget it. She leaves.

Jak and Daxter 3 Walkthrough

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