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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Halloween Town: Looking For a Heart

OK, this is another great costume set :) They're dressed as little zombies/vampires. Go in - mayor introduces Jack. Head to the lab entryway - they're making a heart to put into a heartless. Container with a lock. You unlock it. They put heart into heartless. He wants you to find Sally.

A chest under stairs has puppies 67 to 69. A pull chain by door up high, pull 3 times for elixir. From the main courtyard with the green fountain, go to the graveyard. Kill all enemies and see Zero - ghost dog. Then you'll see Sally. She will give you forget me knot for memory. Now there is laughter from coffin - lock - shock - barrel. They'll tell oogie boogie.

Scientist says one more ingredient - surprise. Now you see oogie boogie. He wants the heart to control the heartless.

Get a torn page from bookcase. Now go find the mayor. Go to the graveyards. Watch the order ghosts come out, check in order. OK do 3 then go look at pumpkin - open chest - jack-in-the-box. Examine pumpkin door in back - leads you to coffin.

Scientists thinks this time it's sure to work. Nope. The kids steal the heart. Head to the graveyard - see kids in bathtub. Go into the coffin. Now through door in the pumpkin patch. Fight more enemies. now on bridge.

Now the bathtub goes up to oogie boogie. Go up bridge. There's ether in chest next to door. Light lantern with fire - it goes up and down. Chest to side - ether. Go on lift. Up to higher level. Around to stairs. Go in bathtub to go back to entrance.

go right up wooden walk. evil playroom. kids are there. fight them. When you defeat them, they were just following orders. Oogie boogie told them to. Save spot. hit lever with keyblade. chest in cage - mega-ether. Go all the way to bottom. If you ride in tub up, drop down from there to platform before green door. You can see the green door as you ride up in the tub.

Torture chamber. Oogie boogie is there. He eats the heart. He calls the heartless to help him. Only 2 come. Dodge the dice. When buttons glow, hit button nearest him so that wedge goes up. You can leap on upper level now and whack at him. Be sure you're in the same wedge as him, you're stuck and can't go left or right from there. Blast him!! Lots of bugs come out of him, and worms. You get holy circlet, ansem's report 7.

Now walk away, down stairs. The ground shakes and the whole tree is a giant boss. Destroy the dark globes. Whack them - they don't fight back. Just dodge fire. Just a matter of hopping up. Be sure to check on both sides of any protrusion, and by the antler stalk things. Some roots have them at top, one behind head. hit target key as you go around to help you find them. There's one in the bone cage area. Now he explodes. You lock the giant keyhole. power of stars - gravity to gravira. Jack apologizes to Sally, gives you pumpkinhead.

Go back to graveyard, into coffin, under pumpkinhead, examine gravestone to open up tendril. now "Manor Ruins". Down in ground - 3 chests. Dispel-G, Dispel-G 2, and Mythril Shard.

Go in water to bridge - chest below - dispel-G. Another chest to R and L of bridge.

Note from Eric Kusmierz: The puppies 40, 41, 42 are located in Halloween town across moonlight hill on the left of the bridge use glide to reach the treasure chest.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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