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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Neverland: Flying with Peter Pan

As you head towards Neverland, a pirate ship flies nearby. Riku was on the ship and is in cahoots with Hook. The heartless obey him. He tosses you into trap door. Look - it's Peter Pan, and Tink too! There's a save spot in here.

You can just open the door to get out. There are barrel spiders that explode. Head down the hallway. A sailor tells Hook that you've escaped. Sora asks Wendy if another girl is in there, she says yes but they're asleep. There's another save spot in with the bunks.

There's a green trinity spot in the bunk room. Use the trinity spot to pull a ladder down to climb up. Head up, and Riku leaves with Kairi. A shadow-you attacks you in the captain's room. It has 3 health layers - orange, yellow, and green. It's not a bad battle - just whack him mostly, and Pan does well. You'll get Raven's Claw. There's a chest by the bed with Dalmatians 88, 89, and 90.

Tip from Bob Nobody: when fighting shadow sora, the best tip is Attack attack Attack and heal when your health is down.

Peter Pan finds Wendy, and leaves with her. There's another save spot here, and a chest with protega chain in the bunk room.

OK, now folow Riku from the captain room. Hook says that Riku went to Hollow Bastion with Maleficent. You won't be going there - he has Tink captured. You have to choose between the Keyblade or the plank. Luckily, the croc shows up and Hook runs off. Now Sora can fly! Peter comes to help out. You get the power of healing - from cure to cura. Organize your party for the coming battle.

Flying notes: circle to fly, circle to rise, square to descend.

Fly up to the crow's nest during the fight - there's a chest there. When you're done fighting, knock on the door. You'll have a final battle with Captain Hook. Hack the captain strongly, he has 3 layers of health. It's really not a bad battle. The Croc chases him off. You get Ars Arcanum and Ansen's report 9.

Sora's amazed he could fly, and you learn there's something on the clocktower. Head there and find Wendy up on the clocktower. There's a Green chest with puppies 43, 44, and 45. Fly around to the clock that says 11:45. Hit it until it says 12:00 like the other clocks. A keyhole appears at 2:30 and you seal it up.

Get Navi-G. See little Riku and Sora, Riku wants to go on adventures.

You see Riku is with Malificent. Malificent makes him green-glow. Next, Wendy talking to Peter. You learn to summon Tinker Bell, get the fairy harp, and learn the ability "glide". This comes in VERY handy.

Chip says there's a tournament being held at the Coliseum. Cid gives you a Transform-G when you talk to him now.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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