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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Hollow Bastion: Finding the Princesses

You need to be patient with this level - it's a long, difficult one. You wouldn't want the end of the game to be easy!

First, it's a long flight to get here. Sora knows it. You fin da save spot - use it! Jump from platform to platofmr, working your way up to the gate. You get a really great scene with the Beast, very toughing. He is talking to Riku, explaining that he's looking for Belle. The two of them fight, and you interrupt them. Riku takes the keyblade and says that you were just a delivery boy. He gives you a wooden sword in return. Donald and Goofy take off, and now you and the Beast are together.

Note there's a white trinity point in middle. You get Firaga-G from it. There's also a chest down at bottom, with puppies 91 92 93

Go up to the castle gate by hopping up. Take the ride over to the castle. The star there takes you backwards again, if you want to return to the entry area. Go through the metal gate to the side. Now go down the lift. When you're in the water, hop into the air bubble to get into the back room called "waterway". There's a save spot, and a chest which holds a Firaga Ring.

Use the left air bubble to get to a chest with mythril. Now glide to the platform with the strange crystal. Release it to make a ledge to get over to the other platform. Now go into the waterway and go up higher. The beast breaks the door for you. There's a chest here with esuna-G.

Go across from the balconies back in the previous area. There's a chest with tornado G. The switch here moves out another ledge for you. Note if you fall down, just push the pedestal to get back up. If the pedestal is gone, use the switch. There's a chest to glide to, which has Tornado G.

In the save bubble spot, have the Beast smash the gate. Now you get into this new bubble. Next, there's a wall for him to smash. You're now in a Dungeon with lots of monsters and chests. The first chest has float-g. There's a blue trinity spot, to a chest with more float-g. Head back out. Find the switch on the wall. It opens a gate (rotates it really). Now go to the second one. It causes other walls to slide. Now continue on and do the third one. Now you can get to floor one. Get to the bubble. Use the switch for the elevator. Now do the final switch for the front door. Head back to the front door.

You see that the princesses are all in crystal. Maleficient makes them reveal the keyhole. Sora and the Beast enter. The Beast goes backwards and is locked out. Luckily, Goofy and Donald join you. You get the keyblade back, and fight Riku.

Just hammer him down, it's pretty easy. to defeat him. You learn white trinity!! The Beast comes back and can join the party if you wish.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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