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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Hollow Bastion: The Library and Lift Stops

After the princess/Riku scene, you end up at a door with a chest up on ledge - it has power up. The door says four sockets are there. You have to find the socket pieces (colored emblems) and also solve the library puzzles to move on.

The door over to the side leads to the library. In essence there are lots of misplaced books and you have to go around rearranging them properly. If you use your targeting button it's pretty easy to spot them. Note there's a save spot in the top level of the library, and a green trinity spot. A chest on top of the shelves has Dispel-G.

Book missing from A shelf. Get Khama vol 8. Put on - slides - Now more area of library.
Up stairs - Theon Vol 6 on desk. N shelf spot. See green Mava vol 6 in next area. Put in T book - slides a bit.
Push button behind new area - a door is unlocked.
Spin inside of pedestal a few times to get get mega-potion.
Get book from top of area - Azal 3. Put Azal 3 into A area at start - more books.
Find M area - put Mava 6 book - take Salegg 6
Go to blue area - put book on shelf - slides.
Now N book below. Put by desk - shelf slides.
Get Maya Vol 3 from the H shelf. Green M books go down by the door. Put in - shelf slides back.
In desk area - blue book Hafet Vol 4. Bring upstairs to H area.
Now can go in to a lift stop.

Get Thundaga-G after using Gravira on the chest up high.

OK back to the open area outside of the library. First, light the candles with fire. Push pedestal that asks to be pushed to get a chest. It has a purple emblem.

There's a red trinity spot by the bull head - push it down to the ground. You get a green emblem piece.

Next, crush the 2 pots by 'crush' - the water fountain starts and kicks out a pink emblem. Three down.

Fire all of the candles - the fire goes out in the middle, and you get a black emblem. That's all you needed!

Head over to the socketed door. The door opens when all 4 pieces are put in. Head on in.

The robed guy says that Riku's heart was weaker. He says to go deeper into the darkness, to open yourself to darkness.

There are now more monsters to fight. Move on to the lift stop, going back and forth to other areas. You're moving up each time as you go. At one spot there's a chest in the air - use graviva to get orich.

Note from Eric Kusmierz: Puppies 94, 95, 96 can be found at the Hollow Bastion Castle Gates After you open the heart door, go out through the door you opened with the 4 emblem pieces and onto the second balcony, go up to your right, you will see a crystal, the crystal which is the farthest to the right use it and jump onto the moving platform as it passes by you will see a treasure chest, jump off and lock on to it, jump and use gravira and you will get the puppies!

OK, head out to the castle gates. Go up. You'll have a battle on the big lift. There's a blue trinity spot with cottage. Continue to go in - there's a lift stop with just a single crystal. Go up. There are stairs in to a great crest. Use the crystal, and a lift takes you up.

Yup, more enemies. Now there's a red switch which lowers a block. Use Gravija on the chest to get a thundaga ring. There's a regular switch here, to make the lift go down.

You're getting closer! Now you're at a high tower. Again, there are lots of enemies, fight your way through them. You'll lower the second block. Now you can get up to the higher area on the block-stairs you've made. Get the chest - megalixir. Use the switch there - it changes the path of the elevator. Now go in on right to the lift stop. Go through to the other end.

Finally!! You see a cut scene with Riku and Maleficient. Riku gets the sword. Now Maleficient faces you.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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