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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Hollow Bastion: Dealing with Maleficient

OK, you've finally gotten up to Maleficient. She goes up onto a pedestal. She has 3 layers to fight through. Ars arcanum is great to battle her down - just do a few of those and dodge. When you're done, Donald learns cheer and you get ansem's report 5.

Now walk towards the swirling black hole. Maleficient staggers back, and Riku follows her. Riku stabs her with his dark keyblade and she becomes a dragon. You didn't think you were done with her yet, did you? The dragon has four levels now. It's a Giant fight, so really concentrate and do everything you possibly can to beat her. Summon your creatures, use aero, keep healed. Have lots of potions ready, use ars arcanum and stop.

Finally you kill the dragon - the vines all burn in green flame. Riku says she was just a puppet, that the heartless were using her. Now Riku goes into the blackness.

You get fireglow!! This is Mooshoo the Dragon.

Go out to the save spot - now there's a tunnel next to it. Go back to grand hall, past the princesses. You'll find Kairi. Riku says the girl has lost heart - that Kairi's heart is within you. Ansem is within Riku. Are you ready? Now there's yet another battle.

This battle has3 layers. After the dragon it's almost a relief! Just hack at him a lot and stay healed.

If you go back to the starting area, there's a white trinity. Firaga-G at it. Also Blizzaga ring in chest. dispel G in chest. megalixir in chest.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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