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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Hollow Bastion: Ansem and the Results

OK, now you're fighting Ansem. Hammer on him, lock on him, assign L1 X X to heal quickly. You win and get Ragnarock, and stab yourself in the heart. A few cut scenes, and now you're a heartless!

Very cool. You have to get down to the Entrance Hall. The easiest way is to jump off the edge of the ledge on the outside area above it and just drop down to it. When you get there Sora and Kairi hug each other, the Beast shows up and says to run. You appear back in Traverse Town.

Cid says the navi is in the sewers. You go to the inn, up to the red room, out to the secret waterway. The picture on the left used to be a moon - now it's a sun. It turns back into a moon when you get there and you get the navi gummy. Kairi gives you her lucky charm - Oathkeeper. Go back to Cid and he installs it. Now there's a new warp hole on the map - it's a LONG long flight.

Now fight your way all the way back up to the top again. The princesses are holding back the darkness. Head into the Dark Depths. Behemoth is there. Jump on his back - he has a purple level! Lock on his horn, try not to fall off and work through his health levels. Finally you get Omega Arts. Now Squall and friends says everyone will go back home. And that the gummi ships won't work, you'll all be isolated. Go back to the keyhole, seal it, get Firaga and save.

Now all the worlds are much harder! You can now do the Hades Cup and Platinum Cup in the arena. You also have access to the End of the World location. The Hades Cup is 50 levels that you must do in one sitting. The Platinum Cup is Sepiroth.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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