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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Getting your Character Started

Oh, what graphics!! The Snow White stained glass you stand on is simply gorgeous, and it's just a floor!

The game is definitely a role playing combat-puzzle game, but they're very good about easing you into the roleplay part of it. To start with, you simply make the choice of:

sword - warrior
shield - guardian
wand - mystic

That's your primary skill. Now you choose which one you like the LEAST. That determines the overall strengths and weaknesses of your character.

OK, on to the Cinderella stained glass. Now you learn a bit about movement. You use the control stick to walk around. Your other notes from here are:

x - attack
green - hp (health)
blue - mp (magic power)
you get exp for slaying enemies (lets you level up to get stronger)
R1 - target

Now on to a third stained glass. This is just a generic design. Go to the door, press X to start the menus going and then scroll to EXAMINE to look at it. Do the same near a chest, choosing USE to open it. You get a key. Practice pushing the crate to the door, then destroy it to get a potion.

One of my favorite parts is next, choosing your personality. You do so by talking to:

Selphie - important
Tidus - fears
Wakka - dreams

These choose how your character reacts to things. Now on to Sleeping Beauty. You learn about the start menu and practice attacking creatures.

Finally, Beauty and the Beast, and you attack a giant shadow of yourself. Then you're into the game!

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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