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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Destiny Islands: The First Day

You first really take control on Destiny Island. You get the impression at first that these kids are somehow 'abandoned' and living on their own, but really this is the 'kid's island' for them to play on. The parents are on other islands. There's a scene soon where Sora is in his bed and his parents are calling him to dinner.

In any case, a young girl, Kairi, greets you (Sora) on the beach. Apparently you both and your friend Riku (an older boy) are building a raft. You race along the beach to work on it. Kairi tells you that you need 2 logs, 1 cloth and 1 rope to finish it up.

The first log is right there on the beach - just touch it to grab it. Riku is out on a sub-island that a high bridge goes to. The second log is there. The rope is by Tidus and the cloth is in a hut by Tidus.

Note that you can duel all of these people if you wish. Wakka is on the beach, and fights with blitzballs. Selphie is on the dock, she jump ropes at you. Sort of a kiddy version of nunchucks. Tidus is up the ladder, he duels with a stick. You can also fight all 3 at a time.

Note from Jacob Vida: to get higher levels on the island fight the 3 on 1 when tidus asks if u want to, you should raise a level every two times until u get past level 6!

When you've gathered the ingredients, you see a gorgeous sunset as the day ends. You learn about the mysterious Paupu fruit which links two destinies together. Very romantic!

Shift over to Disney Castle. Now there's a cut-scene with Donald Duck in the palace. He realizes King Mickey is missing and runs to tell Goofy. Donald says it's top secret but Minnie and Daisy are there already, listening. So much for the secret!

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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