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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Destiny Islands: The Second Day

Now you're back to Sora and his island on the next day. You talk to Selphie and she says the Paupu fruit binds two people together and she's always wanted to try it. You find Wakka and he talks about "me and teeedus". Anyone used to the pronunciation of "Tie-dus" from FFX will wince at this!

You see drawings of Donald and chocobos in the cave. You can fight more duels or all three of them 3 on 1.

Raft time. You can name the raft if you'd like. Riku suggests Highwind, but you can change it, the default name is Excalibur.

Then Riku wants to race you. You say the winner will captain the raft; he says the winner gets to share the Paupu with Kairi. He then says he was teasing but you're pretty upset about the thought of him sharing one with Kairi!

In the race you have to get to the rope first because only one of you can use the slide on it. If you can get to the rope first you're pretty set.

OK, another gathering mission. You need mushrooms, eggs and drinking water. The eggs are up in the trees on the beach - hit the palm trees with your sword. The water is in the pond. The mushrooms are a bit tricker but there are some in the shade by the back wall. There's also one in the cave, by the door in there.

When you're in the cave, you see cave drawings of you and Kairi. You very sweetly add a picture of you giving her a fruit. Now a 'darkness guy' comes and talks about darkness taking over world.

On to another cut-scene in Disney-World. Pluto is laying there while the others discuss a letter from Mickey - he's gone to look for a magic key. In the end, Jiminy cricket is going with Donald and Goofy to track down Mickey. Now the three go down to spaceship. Chip and Dale are working on it. The three board, and the ship takes off.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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