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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Destiny Islands: The Storm Comes

Back again to the island. Sora looks out his window and sees a big storm coming in. He worries about the raft and goes to the kid island to check on it. He sees boats and realizes Kairi and Riku have both come to the island too.

Shadow bugs come. This could be your first real fight but you can't really hurt them yet. Run to the save spot in the shack. Now run over the bridge to the island. Riku is there and says the door has opened. Both of you are caught by darkness. Now you have giant key - it's a "Keyblade" and is your main weapon throughout the game.

Now can attack monsters - have fun!

Head back to the island proper. You now see a secret silver door by the waterfall. Go in. You find a ghostly Kairi, who is very sad. She blows through you like a ghost. Now a big shadow beast comes. Attack his hand. When you win, you both are sucked into black orb.

Time to really start the game!

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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