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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Traverse Town: Exploring the Town

It's time for the two storylines to meet. First, Donald and Goofy see a star go out. They end up in Traverse town. Pluto finds you (Sora). You can wander through town and idly talk to various people. You're in the 'first district' which is safe. There's an Accessory shop with a Save spot. Cid is the owner of shop - another Final Fantasy tradition!

One of the quests in the game involves the Dalmatian house. Somehow ALL 99 Dalmatians have gotten lost. You must find them locked up in sets of 3 in chests in the various worlds. Poor Puppies!!

Time to expand your parties. You run into Squall with his gunblade, and fight. In the meantime Donald and Goofy run into Aeris.

You wake up and think Kairi is there - but actually it's Sulfie. Squall is there too, and is called Leon (i.e. his last name). They warn you that your enemies have been tracking you through your keyblade. Now it goes back and forth between your conversation and Donald's. Aeris tells Donald that the other worlds never been connected until now. Leon tells you the heartless attacked you. He asks if you've heard of Ansem. Aeris talks about a report on the heartless, but the pages are scattered all around, and maybe the King is looking for them. You ask if the keyblade is the key, and are told yes. You can save now.

OK, now you can go between the safe 1st district and the enemy-ridden 2nd district. You run across a mailbox for which you have to collect 10 postcards. That listing is separate because you can't do them all until the end.

Now you end up in the 3rd district. Donald and Goofy join up with you, and a big boss comes. Note it's a pain right now because you can't tell how hurt they are, but you'll learn that ability soon. You can give items to your buddies, so share any health potions if they are harmed. Kill all the body parts and you are probably ready to level up!

When the head falls off, you get "brave warrior". Now it's time to go with Donald and Goofy on their spaceship to the other nearby worlds.

In a small moment of sickly-sweetness in an otherwise nicely done game, you get:

"This boat runs on happy faces" says Donald "All for one, one for all"

That's quickly offset by a GREAT enemy scene. You get to watch all sorts of classic enemies together. Captain Hook, Jafar, Ursula, and more ... plus Malificient, the Evil Queen from Sleeping Beauty! Too good :)

You get 100 munney from the group. Now you can teleport to the gummi ship from save points. Donald gives you a fire spell. Goofy gives you a dodge roll ability. Cricket gives you a journal. The journal has a cool ability to look at full view of all characters you meet.

You can cstomize each party member as far as how often the do various types of attacks and actions. Be sure to play with this!

Now finally you learn what those blue Mickey-Mouse symbols on the floor mean. These are "trinity marks". Only the blue ones react in beginning. If you stand on one while you have Goofy and Donald in your party, you have a new action available - Trinity. Do the trinity action by the shop - jump up to balcony - chest - get postcard! Mail it to get a mithryl shard.

There's another to the left of the door. You get lots of money! A "Big" money gives you more cash. Note the gizmo shop won't work until you get the Thunder spell.

Hotel notes: you were in the green room before, and can hit the clock to change the time. There's a red room with a Chinese decorating theme.

In the Gummi garage you can gather blueprints and put together blocks to make or expand ships.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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