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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Traverse Town: Returning with Electricity

Head back here after you get electricity and the Alice level won. Roam about a bit. In the red room at the hotel you'll find a pretty stone in a chest. Look at the pictures in the green room. One picture says "Bald Mountain - 7:00am". Turn the clock to 7am and a chest appears - get mythril. Another picture on back wall says "18:00 in the past" - turn to 6 and nothing happens. Hmmmmm.

You have fire too, right? At the mystical house in section 3 - do fire on door to open it. Hop across the floating things. Go in crack to the left of the door. The ghost of Kairi says it reminds her of the scribble place. Merlin shows up!! He fills the place with stuff. He will train us in magic. Fairy Godmother shows up too.

You can practice spells against stationary or moving objects without depleting MP. There's a Save spot. A blue Trinity spot on floor - get Mega-ether.

Examine coach to get Fairy Godmother. She's worried about Cinderella.

Do lightning on generator wires powers up the Gizmo Shop. Use the lifts to go up to buttons up on top ledges. Press all 3 - sound happens. Examine clock - Says clock is stuck at 6:54 and you get 2 postcards. Drop into mailbox.

Go to puppy house - by now you should get a Curaga-G for your progress.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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