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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Traverse Town: Returning with Red Trinities

Note that the Item Shop has Huey, Dewey and Louie. You can buy all sorts of items there. An alleyway in first area - red trinity. Dalmations 4, 5, 6 in a chest behind the 4 boxes - the ones that you couldn't get to from the other side.

There's a trinity mark before sewer. Leads into the secret waterway. Squall and Aeris is there. Every world has a keyhole, leads to heart of the world. Was in Ansem's report. You must lock them to save them. Squall says to show the Gummy to Cid. He gives you an earthshine. There's a chest there - puppies 10, 11 and 12. Now you're in Merlin's basement.

Show the gummy to Cid - he says it's for navigation. He'll install it once you deliver a book. Gives you old book. Then bell at gizmo shop is ringing. Cid Says to deliver book first. He'll be at house in 3rd district (the one that was vacant before).

Go to merlin. The book has missing pages. Now talk to the fairy godmother. The gem you have is a summon gem, for a creature whose world vaished. "Bibbity Bobbit Boo". Simba shows up. You can only summon him once per battle, but it's pretty cool :)

Look at the book - it's Pooh Land :) Now a new world for you to explore and gather pages for! When you come out of this area, Riku is in the street. You ask where's Kairi. Donald refuses to let Riku on the ship, and he vanishes. You head into the once-vacant but now small house. Cid and Squall are there. They warn you that Melficient is in town. She's a witch. Sure enough, suddenly you see the Queen is with Riku. The Queen tells Riku that you (Sora) have new friends and don't like him any more, and that she'll take care of him. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Cid says the nav gummy is in and set. He also put in warp gummi. Warp-G. Now you can warp to planets you've been to without having to go through middle planets. You talk about the bell legend. Ring it 3 times to see what happpens.

Go to the Gizmo shop, up ladder on side of building. The boxes on the roof that once blocked the bell are now moved. Now can get to red trinity spot. Use it to break in - pull the bell. It first makes the picture in center of town change with fire. The 2nd time with sparkles of color. The 3rd time with water - butterfly photo. Big keyhole. Run to it. Big robot guy appears. Kill him - he reforms then rearranges into bigger version. Kill him again.

You attain the power of wind - magic spell aero. Your blade glows - you shine it at the keyhole. It locks it. You get a navi-G piece. Talk to Cid and get comet-g. Give him this new navi piece, he says you must find mate for it.

Note from Rad: if you are at Traverse's town keyhole you don't have to fight the guard and opposite armor. You just have to get the gummie peice installed

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