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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Traverse Town: Returning with Green Trinities

Go to the Accessory shop and use the green trinity to pull down the ladder there. The Moogles are up there and will synthesize things for you. One chest here has a mythril shard and another has puppies 7 8 and 9.

The shop gives you each item to synthesize and what you need, plus how much you have in stock. Very nicely organized.

After you defeat Monstro, Gepetto has a house in the square. He gives you various ship designs. He starts with 'gepetto'. chest - wishing star. postcard on a shelf. talk to him again, now you get 'cid'. again - 'cactaur' . again = 'yuffie' - all are ships.

Cid starts selling gummy stuff if you need it. Once you have the long glide you can go to Merlin's house and glide to the chest on the island for puppies 1-3. There's a yellow trinity by the box stack. Use it to get a power up.

Head back into the waterway where Squall was. There's a white trinity there - Orichalcum.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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