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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Traverse Town: The Postcard Listing

The postcards are found:

* Lockbox in a wall
* Use blue trinity by shop - it's in chest up on balcony
* In clock in gizmo shop when powered on
* In clock in gizmo shop when powered on (second one)
* Use box to get on top of accessory shop, in chest

* In item shop, attack the ceiling fan a few times
* Gepetto's House (after you defeat Monstro)
* Head across the rooftops from the Gizmo shop into the 3rd district, and go to the corner of the balcony
* Going from 1st to 2nd district, turn right, high jump to awning
* Go into the synthesis shop and examine the poster on the wall to the left of the fireplace.

For most of these you get little things like mythril and elixirs. 7 is Megalixir, 8 is Orichalcum, 9 is defense up and 10 is power up. All done!

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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