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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Wonderland: Chatting with the Queen

You have to go from world to world in a line right now, until you get the warp ability later. So the first world you go to is Wonderland, from Alice in Wonderland. When you go from world to world you have a space ship sequence. You in essence go through a obstacle course with the ship, a la StarFox, shooting things and getting power-ups. You can have fun flying through the rings.

Now you reach Wonderland. You of course begin by falling down a hole! And yes, a white rabbit bounds by, claiming he's very very late. There's a camping set in chest by save spot in rabbit hole.

Next you're in the room with the table with two potions on it. There's a tiny door. Hmmmmm. Look at the drinks. The blue one makes you tiny. Now you have to fight tiny enemies and knights. Quite fun!

Push the bed away from the wall, and go through the hole. You see Alice, the rabbit and the Queen of Hearts. You interrupt the trial, and now must find evidence that Alice is not guilty. There's a save spot in the garden.

Head into the Lotus Forest. You run into the cheshire cat. He has the ansewrs but won't tell. you must find four pieces of evidence - 3 are easy, one is hard. There are various flowers that want things. A red flower wants ether. Give ether to flower - get camping set and tons of health. A yellow one wants a potion and gives you a hi-potion. A blue trinity here gets you a potion, tent and bubbles. Up the 2 brown mushrooms is a chest with puppies 16, 17, and 18.

One yellow flower wants a potion - it will make you larger. When you do so, stomp on the stump and spin the tree to eat an apple and get smaller again. Once you stomp the stump you can get back to the pink bell-flower area.

* Go up rock to mushroom top to get a box with an antennae.

* By the yellow flower is a box with footprints.

* Hop up 2 brown mushrooms to green ones, in opening to the bizarre room. Fall down to pink box - get stench.

* After getting large and small, go up 2 brown mushrooms again, past the bizarre room door. Jump across to angled mushroom to door there. Now fall down into bizarre room and then go along wall to 'claw marks' box.

Once you get all four boxes, the Cheshire Cat gives you power of ice - blizzard. Great! Back in to the Queen. Stand on the podium and show the evidence. She says you're guilty anyway. Fight the cards, destroy the wheels on the tower. Now Alice is missing. Note that the evil group has her so you can't find her.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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