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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Wonderland: Returning for the Chests

Head back to Wonderland very late in the game, when you have all the trinities and can glide and high jump. That'll make getting the rest of these easy.

First, there's a green trinity right at entrance. Chest falls from fireplace - elixir.

In Bizarre Room, become tiny and go into brick fireplace. Green trinity spot. chest comes down - mythril shard.

Give the red flower by pink bells hi potion, get mega potion.

Blue chest over on green tree to side - glide/hijump over. Thunder-G.

In tea party garden, glide from table up to balcony for aeroga-G4. Look at the sign 2x to be told to sit down. Try all the chairs. Sometimes presents, sometimes monsters.

Glide from bizarre room upside down into Queen's garden for aero.

Bizarre room up on top mushroom area. Turn faucet - fills up vase with water. Go - in - queen's castle. Get chest - puppies 58 59 60

Chest with oricalcum by green tree - another entrance to tea party garden. Chest up on upper level of tea party garden area - puppies 19 20 21

another blue chest to opposite side.

from lotus flower - opening up on green tree - bizarre room with picture side down. white trinity - Go into picture. White trinity there. chest - Lady Luck sword.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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