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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Wonderland: Alice is Missing

You need to find Alice. First, go into the forest and find the cat. He says there might be clues in the upside down room. There's a crack open to the Teaparty Room. Sit in the seats for treats or monsters.

A door from the teaparty room leads into the bizarre room. The cat is there and says "they're hiding somewhere and the momeraths outgrabe." He says to turn on light. The room is upside down, so go to 'touch' fire at two 'lights' poking up from the floor. So far so good.

Release the latch near the floor - head into the queen's garden. There's a chest there with puppies 13, 14, and 15.

Now go in the drink room and go up on the table. Talk to the cat again. He says that shadows will be here soon. Sure enough, here comes a big red-black shadow. You can put his fires out with freeze - he relights them on the stove. Just keep blasting him until he's defeated. You'll get Ifrit's Horn when he dies.

Tip from Bob Nobody: On defeating Trick Master in wonderland the best technique is to jump on the table, aim on him,jump up and attack,he should fall down and if he falls down attack him repeatedly attack keep this up and he will die but if he doesn't fall down try jumping on the table/chair again.

The fight wakes up the doorknob. He yawns, and your key blade opens up the doorknob. You get a Navi-G Piece. The Cat says Alice is gone in the shadows. Donald says we should go to another world.

When you're big in the Lotus area, you can push a rock in the pond in the mushroom garden. Now you can go up two little mushrooms. Hit the tree to get an apple to be small again. Hop up over the brown mushroom. There's a Blue Trinity spot in this back room - you get a camping set. There are red bells that say shock me. Shock the bells - get a chest with Shell-G. A red flower wants hi-potion.

Note that now the room with the stove is a sideways room. Light the oil lamp - get defense up.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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