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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Deep Jungle: Hanging with Tarzan

Now you fall right into Tarzan land. A leopard attacks you. Watch its pounces - they're nasty! But quite avoidable.

Tarzan comes and saves you. He says Riku and Kairi are here. You get a splash screen for DEEP JUNGLE.

Donald and Goofy are on another rock. Now a Big game hunter comes.

You follow Tarzan down. There's a Save spot on floor. Head down in log. Sliding A la Sonic and of course the movie :) You can jump logs but it really doesn't matter. Now you're in the Base Camp.

First, go in the tent. Find Jane. Now Donald and Goofy come in. Show the spiked cube. It's a Gummi block. get protect-g.

Jane wants to help you figure out what Tarzan is saying. You have to find all of the slides for him to look at. Time to go looking.

* Slide 1 is up on top of the tent
* Slide 2 is by the boxes
* Slide 3 is by the easel
* Slide 4 is up on top of the boxes
* Slide 5 is on the awning - jump on the main tent and then around
* Slide 6 is by the globe

The slides are of random things - gorillas, fencers, a castle, a man proposing, a woman with a baby, a ship. Sora sort of recognizes the castle. Tarzan doesn't recognize any of them. There's a save spot in here. There's a chest with a mithryl shard.

There's a blue trinity spot by the table. It makes a Chest - find dalmations 34, 35, 36.

Another mini quest - the cooking pot. If you examine it, it says you need 2 recipe cards to use it.
* recipe card 1 by clock - light stove, be careful.
* recipe card 2 on flag - put ingredients in pot quickly
OK, so stand back from the stove and cast a fire spell into it. You get a hi-potion.

Now for the main table. You need 3 parts to the research information.
* research note 1 on shirt - recipe for ether - ingredients potion
* research note 2 on globe - recipe for ether - ice the ingredient
* research note 3 on phonograph - replication experiment - replicating things
So you can put a potion in the system and cast ice on it :) You learn ice in Wonderland. at bench. Just ice the alchemy thing after putting in a potion and get an ether.

Anyway back to the tent scene. Hunter says only one place is left. With the Gorillas. 'Tarzan go see Kerchak'. Hunter will go along to keep them safe, so he says. The Leopard attacks again now. Deal with that.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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