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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Deep Jungle: Going to see Kerchak

Head out of camp, down to pond with hippos. Must hop across hippos to chest. Climb up the vine to the left, up to 'vines'. Jump from vine to vine. Note if you fall down you just fall to the hippos. A chest in the vines holds mithryl. Mithryl is used for item synthesis. Swing on vines over to the side - find the gorillas. Find Kerchak. He knows nesting grounds are secret.

A chest to the side has Puppies 28, 29, 30. Now swing to the far end tree with a vine on it. Climb up the vine. Now you're in the Climbing Trees. There are wilted flowers. Zap magic near them to turn them colors, red blue or yellow depending on which spell you use. Blue Trinity by door to treehouse - get chest - puppies 31, 32, and 33.

In the treehouse you find a monkey playing with the globe. Donald Duck scares the hunter who was going to shoot him. Tarzan comes in and the hunter claims he wasn't going to shoot the baby. Suuuuure. Lift the barrel over to ramp inside to go up. Go around balcony and up ladder. Across top - chest - Protera Chain. From webbing on outside jump in to chest - get mega potion. Note you can slide down the bannister!

Do NOT DRIVE YOURSELF CRAZY trying to get to that ship. You can get it EASILY later when you learn how to glide.

Back to camp - Jane is furious with the hunter. He now says he'll hunt them all down. Something rustles and he shoots at it. Now there's a monkey heartless attack. Kill them all to get protect-G, also a power shard. Go through arch area to second vine set. Now to tree with vine - climb up to 'climbing trees'. Kill enemies here - get Aeroga G4. Jump up to 2nd opening. You're at Treetop. Go down path to chest - get Mega-Ether. Can go back to beginning here. Now head to the treehouse. Kill enemies there. Get Shell-G.

Back to the tent. Jane is worried about the hunter. Go around fighting in jungle. In thicket leopard attacks and you see a pipe on a ledge. Kill the leopard, the leopard falls over. Get White Fang. Now a little monkey runs into the tent and knocks over Jane. Tarzan says Jane is in trouble, to go to the treehouse. Save in the tent.

At the climbing trees, the big black fruit looks suspicious. Jane is trapped. Enemies attack. Again, use magic on parched plants to make them open. One on ground, one on tree, one on ledge by door, another on the other ledge.

Hit the fruit lots of times - free Jane. She says Clayton came to tent and kidnapped her. Now must help gorillas. Now end up in cliffs - hunter is there. You run and stop him. Tarzan tries to say it's not Clayton. You have to fight him and the shadows. He shoots "up" and opens a hole in the wall. He's floating in the air now. He's on a giant invisible gecko. Kill him - he's squished by the gecko. Get the power of healing.

You're thrown up into the air by the monkey. You're at Tarzan's home now. Go into Waterfall. Chest on ledge - Mythril Shard. Another chest in center - Shell-G. Up on grassy ledge - Mythril. Climb on grassy wall to get to Orichalcum. Used for item synth. Climb up. Now over to left - ??? - leads into cave.

Tarzan says friends are in our hearts. White trinity is there on floor. Keyhole in wall. Use keyblade to open. Get a Navi-G piece.

Now it goes to a video with the enemies. The princesses are falling into their hands one by one. They have Alice. You get the Jungle King award. You can upgrade your keyblade with key chains. Your keyblade is MUCH better with this!! You also now learn Red Trinity and can use the red trinity spots.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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