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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Olympus Coliseum: Herc the Hero

Phil says he has to spruce place up. He asks you to help, but the pedestal weighs a ton. You can save at the save spot. Tell Phil it's heavy. He tries to dismiss you. Apparently heroes are coming from all over. Phil laughs at you. Talk to him - there's a trial.

Bust all barrels in time limit. Do it, now more. Must fire-blast one on ledge.

Phil says "Better than I thought". He gives you a thunder spell, and says he'll train you.

Now leave the room. Meet Hades. He is awfully friendly and gives you a pass to compete. He of course is hoping you are killed in the contest, nice guy that he is. Note in this contest, if you fail you have to start from the beginning again. This can be good to do last out of the first 3 worlds, so if you got here before finishing the other two, it's worth it to finish them off so this set of battles is easy.

Match 1 - shadow scouts. Fight little creatures. Now Cloud comes out.
Match 2 - sinisters. Lots of little guys.
Match 3 - heat and freeze.

Phil says he's sorry Hercules is missing this.

Match 4 - Shadow Platoon. Just keep hacking. Be sure to heal up party members.
Match 5 - Blue Revenge Lots of blue guys.

Hades tells Cloud to take you out. He had a contract for Cloud to kill Hercules, and wants to 'expand' it.

Match 6 - Big One. Lots of guys all together.
Final Match - Cloud.

Cloud does a killer dash attack that goes through you all. He also jumps in the air and comes down on you. Stay around him in a circle, and a bit separate so he can't get you all at once. You can lose and still keep going, so don't worry about that.

Now a giant Cerberus (pronounced Kurburose if you're interested, a three-headed dog that guarded Hades) appears and Hercules comes in to face it. When you go in to help, Hercules is holding Cloud. He leaves the dogs to you. Avoid being nearby when it's breathing black fire and you should be OK. When you win, you get the Inferno Band.

You are dubbed Junior Heroes. Have to clean up mess from last battle. You say you'll be back.

You get a Hero License!

Now you see Cloud. He was looking for someone, Hades was willing to help. You learn Sonic Blade. This is a GREAT scene for showing the character of Cloud, I love it.

You get to see a video with Hades being furious with Hercules. He wants to kill you both. The Queen is snide with him.

Note there are trinity blues near the gates on both sides. Puppies 22-24 are on one side. Shard & money on other.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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