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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
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Come back for this after you finish the key on Wonderland, the Jungle and the main Traverse Town. That way you'll be strong enough to fight through this pretty easily. You can see exactly what you're going to face by looking at the signs on either side of the door.

Note a chest left of door - mega-potion. You have to fight through all of these in one long run. Note that in each fight, be sure to use the ending 'quiet time' right after you win each battle to heal in preparation for the next one. None are particularly hard if you wait until you're strong to get into this set.

9th seed - Jungle Vice

8th seed - Monkey & Magic

7th seed - Big Feet

6th seed - Magic Alert - 5 red, 5 yellow

5th seed - Nightwalkers - large body adn 5 powerwilds

4th seed - Hard Hitters - gauntlets blue and shadows

3rd seed - Indominatable - green guys and 2 largebodies. Take the green guys out first and it's easy.

2nd seed - Wild Corps - hands and feet and monkeys

1st seed - Shadow Batallion - torso blue and yellow guys

When you win through this set, you attain the power of stars - magic spell gravity. If you win it alone, you get a Mithryl Shard.

The next round is starting soon!

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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