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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Olympus Coliseum: The Hercules Cup

You get this at the end of Neverland. It's good to wait until you finish all worlds you can up to this point, so you're the strongest you can be. If you fail along the way you have to fight through them all again to reach the top. Note that a green trinity by the right scoreboard has mythril.

Seed 9:

Seed 8: Minions of Horror. Barrels and skeletons. Easy.

Seed 7: Buccaneers

Seed 6: Stray phantom. Gargoyles and skeletons.

Seed 5: Mad Truffle: Super Easy

Seed 4: Cloud. Watch his dash attack.

Seed 3: Dark Squadron

seed 2: Flying Pirates

end - Sora goes one on one against Hercules. Herc keeps saying "Hey, give up yet?" Toss a barrel at him to rid him of his yellow glow, then bash him. Do it while he's posing.

Tip from Bob Nobody: When you fight Hercules, when he is a brighter yellow color, throw a barrel at him and then go attack, if he does a move then just use your dodge roll and if you have glide use that to he has different attacks.

When you win you get a trophy, and Hercule's shield for Goofy. You then get Olympia from chest, and learn yellow trinity.

There's a yellow trinity by the heavy pedestal in entry area. push together to get the keyhole to lock Olympia.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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