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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Hundred Acre Woods: Meeting Pooh

Look at book in Merlin's house, that Cid gives you for him. You see a empty meadow to one side. Pooh Bear is there thinking. He says everyone has vanished. Look in tree - mithryl shard. There's a Save spot on map

Now on the main map go to Mr' Sander's house. This is Pooh's house. There's an elixir in the cabinet. The clock has little pooh in it and is at 10:00.

Go out - owl says some pages are missing. They're scattered around worlds. Leave by going on compass rose in top right.

When you get to the tree with bees, piglet is there and scared of you. Sneak up on him to talk to him and to have Pooh come and join you. Do the honey mini-game using rush to get up before Pooh does, to help him out. When you win you get 'naturespark' which is Bambi :)

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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