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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Hundred Acre Woods: Rabbit and Eeyore

Now can go to top left on map - letter in rabbit's mailbox. Go behind tree - pooh is staring in. Go around front and in. Examine pot and pooh eats it all. Leave.

Now a cry for help from Piglet. go in and talk to rabbit and stuck Pooh. Now go talk to his head. Tigger comes. Owl says you have to protect carrot patch. He can't land on a carrot twice. get to carrots as he lands. rush to get there quickly. 12 blocks 9 carrots = 108. Into the house and push pooh.

get shard from page - mythril.

Now southeast for swing (not the big swing picture). Pooh and piglet on bridge. Eeyore floating in water. Go to Eeyore . His tail is gone. Go up to swing with Pooh. Target him to make him come to you . Now R1 to push. Keep using R1 He flies into sticks, where tail is. You reattach it for him.

torn page - power of tie - stop to stopra.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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