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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Agrabar: Exploring Agrabar

If you're looking for Cid to deliver a gummy and get a book, here's how to find him. If you face the door of the shop, go right and then up stairs. Now turn to the left. That's where he's standing.

You take a wormhole to Agrabar. There's a scene with Jafar and Maleficient. They're looking for Jasmine and the keyhole. They need all princesses to open the final door. You have weird turban wearing enemies including a Pot-spider.

You find princess Jasmine in an alley. Note that a chest in Alladin's house has puppies 37-39. In an alley on R side - keyhole. Jump across window shades. To other side door is there.

If you just go into the desert, the sand gets you lost.

Find a carpet in Aladin's house. Now go into the desert. Abu and Alladin are in a sinkhole. Now you're fighting enemies in the dark. Soon the Genie comes out. The guys vanish.

OK, now in town fight through enemies. Can now go to House Gates. Go to Aladin's house. Talk about keyhole.

Note green trinity mark in little supply room off street in Agrabar. When you get the green trinity at the end of this level, return here to get a power up. If you go to desert - enemies but nothing else.

Jump in plaza from locked key door to chest platform. cottage in it.

OK back to roof of bazaar. Go across shades to chest - shell heart. Jump across to another chest - Fira ring. Now keyhole. Release. Opens key door. Palace gates - see Jafar with Jasmine. Iago steals lamp. Jasmine ends up in pot spider. Now attack clams. get ray of light. Now to desert. Now massive lion head.

Go inside - fight through. Fall into water chamber - Hall avoid water heads. Now into Bottomless Hall. Avoid water. Chest - cottage.

Treasure room - Lots of gold. chest on fireplace - defense up. Chest to right - Mythril shard. Along stone ledges - shell-G. Door to lamp chamber is blocked.

Back out. Jump into water - go down waterfall. Touch monkey - it opens big doors over water. Now swim into relic chamber. Chest - thundara ring. Now go to chamber with monkey, monkey jumps to gem. Makes stairs to get to chest with gummy part. Now net room - monkey lowers chest - get Protega Chain. Now hidden room. Hit pillar. Cut scene with Jafar etc. Says show him keyhole. Back to hall - on way back, blue trinity on floor. Go to save spot, switch party. Silent hall. Hit - chest - Thunder-G.

Treasure Room - get Aladin. Use monkey to get gem - pushes you up to chest. open - puppies 52-54

Other monkey - pushes you up to treasure top you'd already been in.

Now into Lamp Chamber. See M and Jafar. Second wish - crush them. You're trapped. Go beat up Jafar. blizzard upgrades to blizara. Up to Jasmine. Final wish. He wants to be all powerful genie. Now on to Jasmine. Can't do anything now with J or key. Down to lava. He's read in lava. Iago has Jafar's lamp. Iago has 3 layers of protection to fight through.

Level up. Suck Jafar into lamp. Get power of fire - fire to fira. Ansem's report 1. (got page in one of caves). Jasmine wakes up. Go up and seh's gone. Use keyblade on lock. Cave starts to shake. Must ride carpet out in dodging things. Aladdin sets genie free. He'll help out.

now video - using Riku

Sora gets 3 wishes, the ability to use green trinity, can summon genie.

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