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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Monstro the Whale: Chasing Pinocchio

OK now go along to the next planet. It's Monstro the Giant Whale. He swallows you the first time you run into him. Note if you come back, you may have to come back MANY times before he reappears. Just keep trying and eventually he'll show up again.

Sora remembers thinking that a monster was in his island cave. He sees the wooden door to the side. He talks about meeting a 'new girl' at Mayor's house.

You see Pinocchio and then get to see the Monstro title.

Swim over - Gepetto is in the ship. Follow Pinocchio into the cave. This is a maze of chambers, and the aim is to figure out how to get to all the ledges in the chambers. Keep track of which chamber NUMBER you are in because they all interconnect with each other at different levels.

You start in Chamber 1. Up on ledge, you see Pinocchio. Now Riku is with Pinocchio. He says he wants to race, but ignore him and just keep exploring. Follow them in to Chamber 3. There's a chest with mega ether.

OK, head back to chamber 1. Now go the other way to chamber 2. There's a chest with cottage. From here to Chamber 3 is up on the ledge. Note if you go back to Gepetto, he says he is fond of Pinocchio.

When you're in Chamber 3 up higher, throw barrels the barrels, 1 down and 1 across, for puppies 55-57 in chest. There's another chest up high. You get tornado-g in one up area.

Now move on to Chamber 5 from Chamber 3. Choose the right exit to get to chamber 2. Then go in the up high door. A new chamber!! You're in chamber 6 up high, a room with lots of barrels. Go across and head into chamber 5 up high. Continue on and walk into chamber 4. A video shows we're running after Pinnochio. There's a save spot here.

Finally, you're done with the Chambers. Now you head into the Bowels. You learn cheer when kill the parasite.

Gepetto is calling for Pinnochio. You're back in the initial water area. Go up the piers to get puppies 73 74 75. There's a blue trinity to one end - cottage. There's a Watergleam on the tower area.

To get the chest on the ship, use high jump! You get Tornado G. Fly up to the to high chamber - there are lots of truffle people. Jump up through the platforms. Get the power of time - magic spell stop. You also talk about a new tournament (Pegasus cup).

Note if from the other side ledge you go into chamber 6, there's a white trinity mark. Also, in Chamber 5 when you have glide, you can go over to the ledge for the chest with puppies 79, 80, and 81.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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