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Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough
Atlantica: Under the Sea!

This is the first "cool" set of costumes. Sora is a merman, and Donald is an octopus! Ariel comes out. Sebastian teaches you to swim. O to rise and square to fall. Follow him around. Enemies come. Ariel comes back. Note there's a save spot in the clam. Tridents point to the palace, and now you get the banner for Atlantica.

Cast fire at the shell - get mythril shard. Head into calm depths. now undersea cave. Now in palace. At the clam - thunder - get mythril shard. Now titan's throne. Dad is angry with creatures. King says there's no such thing as a keyhole.

Note the white trinity in big spiral shell. Clam below - open - elixir. Purple one - mega-elixir. Swim to undersea gorge. 'come to my grotto' she says. Swim to rock in wall to go in. Chest - torn page. Another chest - cottage. Chest on bottom - mega potion. Music box on bottom that spins.

Leave the grotto - eels show up. Ursula watches them.

mega-potion in clam. White clam in nook - got already. in undersea valley - big open ara. elixir in clam up high. Clear out all haertless. Come back to Undersea Gorge and see dolphin there. Kill enemies grab onto Dolphin. He takes you around in circles. Undersea garden - clam - mega-potion. Grab dolphin in undersea valley - brings you to Sunken Ship

chest - shark comes. he goes away. In there. Crystal Trident. now shark is outside to fight. Swim back to Ariel's Grotto. Go to trident shape. It fits. Dad comes. Destroys cristal trident. Triton says you're key bearer. He tells you to go away. Eels go to see Ariel, then Ursula comes. She goes to the throne room with Ariel. Now head there yourself. Ursula has the trident but they can't find the keyhole.

When you're in the palace, white shell on ground - save spot. Save here. Note as you leave that there's an upside down chest in undersea gorge - stuck!

Go back and take the dolphin again to the sunken ship. Fight the shark. Examine the boulder behind the ship and head in. Now it's time for Ursula! save spot here. Big Ursula fight. Learn mermaid kick at end. Use ice - blue and fire - red on her power supply, and then kick her when she's stunned. Flotsam and Jetsam are dead, she runs into shell.

OK now you have super strong fins. Swim back out into strong stream. make sure all have the mermaid kick. Go to the right when facing into the current.

See Ursula. "I rule the seas now" she says. Dodge her magic and attack her face. 3 rounds of health. Orange - yellow - green. Just keep hitting her face. Ariel will heal you. Ursula does lightning strike attack which is NASTY so avoid that. It can kill you even when you seem to be rather healthy.

Tip from Bob Nobody: When you are fighting Ursala as her second form you should distract her and let your allies fight. When fighting her you should have your mermaid kick equiped so when she tries to swallow you you should use it. After you should try to attack her.

Ursula is sucked down into ground. Trident is left behind. You see Ariel apologize. Thunder - Thundara, Ansem's report 3. Keyhole is in the grotto. Go in there, she reveals keyhole in wall. Lock it.

She gives you crabclaw.

Kingdom Hearts Walkthrough

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