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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Twilight Town

"Another dream about him," says a mysterious blonde guy. he's in a town. It is ...

Twilight Town
The 1st day

"Man doesn't that tick you off?"

"Yeah, that's just wrong. Seifer's gone too far this time."

"I mean that it's true that stuff's been stolen around town ... that's not really what bugs me. ... he's going around telling everyone that we're thieves."

"We could find the real thieves. That would set the record straight."

"What about Siefer?"

"First we gotta clear our names. Once we find the real culprit everyone will get off our backs."

(Now comes the silly part where people suddenly can't say words. They know the word! Why not write it out? Can they no longer write? Can they not spell either? This was a bit farfetched :) )

"Our ... are gone"

"All our .... gone?"

"You can't say .... why not?"

"But you do understand what I'm saying right?"

"And not just the ..."

"The word .... they stole it too. what kinda thief is that? Seifer could never have pulled that off."

Then the blonde guy faints.

We get the mysterious comment of ... "His heart is returning. Doubtelss he'll awaken very soon."

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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