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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Exploring Twilight Town

"Roxas, c'mon"

You actually get to explore now! Be patient, it's a WHILE before you are able to actually just play this game.

There's an armor shop and a few other stores. NOTHING is open for a long while. Your town is full of tan brick flooring, tan brick walls and green roofs.

"Let's get this investigation underway. "

"Yo Roxas. Never thought you'd do such a rotten thing ... "

"We didn't steal anything, all right?"

"I'd like to believe you but who else would steal that stuff?"

"What stuff?"

"As if you didn't know, hey I'm not going to tell you. Go ask at the accessory store."

(I love plot devices where people accuse you of something vague but refuse to tell you what you're guilty of :) )

"Go on Roxas, ask her."

You get a giant glowing green triangle to talk to people You see a help wanted board that you'll be able to use later on. If you talk to your friends, they just give you general information. The armor guy says he's running an upcoming Struggle Battle and has no time to run the shop. The pastry shop lady says "Sorry I'm old so I closed my shop. I'm enjoying life now with my cat, Chiro". How does this town survive with every single shop mysteriously closed?

"oh hello Roxor. Please don't let me down. you used to be one of my favorite customers."

"I'm not a thief!"


"It's no fun having everyone suspecting me."

The woman at the candy shop is pretty disappointed too.

"Roxas, have you seen my cat around?"

Surprise, it's up on the roof. Use your right analog to look, R1 to lock on. Lock onto the cat. You just have to look at the cat, not actually do anything about it.

"Thank you Roxas."

"Did they steal something from you too?

"Oh my, yes something important."

"Just so you know, we didn't do it."

"I believe you."

"Thanks for that ma'am. So what did they take from you?"

"my ..... - my precious ...."

"Looks like the culprit is going around stealing ...."

"And not just ... but the word ... too"

"This isn't your average thief."

"I wonder if Seifer would know anyting about this."

"We gotta talk to him. c'mon to the sand lot."

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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