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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Seifer and Sand Lot

Seifer from Final Fantasy is there with Vivi, one of my Final Fantasy favorites! They've got 2 other friends on call too including Fujin and Y'Know :)

"Thieves that was low ya know"

"oh yeah?"

"nice come back there blondie."

Seifer threatens, "You can give us back the .... now."

"That was undeniable proof that we totally owned you lamers."

"Not that we need some ---- to prove that you're losers."

"Replay" says Fuijin the one-Kanji-character speakers. I wonder if it's a genetic illness :)

They face off but Roxas comes forward. There are 3 weaopn types here available. They are:

staff (i.e. magic focus)
hand guard (i.e. defense focus)
club (i.e. attack focus)

We took the club - strength +1

Good God Almighty, you finally get to DO something in this game!!! It's an attack! Look, a HP gauge and MP gauge and everything!

You all fight, a picture is taken, a silver creature appears and steals the camera. Now you TRY to fight the silver thing but your silly human weapons are ineffective. "It's no use"

Your weapon turns into a keyblade and POOF you can slay the creature, getting munny and health. it vanishes and the photos fall to the ground.

One is a photo of Roxas being the first customer. "Hey you just said photo!" One is of a girl - "You look happy Roxas".

"All the stolen pictures are of Roxas."

"Are they really all of me?"


"Why would anyone want to steal a bonehead like Roxas?"

Mysterious interruption comes through: restoration at 12%

You switch to a scene of black robed folks. "Organization miscreants - they've found us"

"Why would nobodies steal photographs?"

"The fools could never tell the difference."

"We are running out of time. Namine must make haste."

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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