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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Sora and Day 2 Start

Our first glimpse of Sora! Sora is being licked by Pluto.

"Where am I? What hapepend to my home, my island? Riku? Kai?"

You get more clips with Goofy and Donald, and the keyblade.

"So this is the key?"

Roxas wakes up. "A key blade?"

Twilight Town
The 2nd day

OK, Roxas has some anger management problems. He sees a stick. Suddenly he's a stick slasher. Then he throws it at a black robed guy. "Sorry about that"

Now for the funny part. This game must be funded by the Ice Cream Industry? They are eating ice cream in pretty much EVERY SCENE. If you like ice cream, you better have some in the house when you play this game. You'll be lured into eating it because you see the players eating it so much.

So yes, they're all eating ice cream.

"Do you think we'll always be together like this?"

"I hope so."

"I doubt we can be together forever. "

"But isn't that what's growing up is all about? It's not important how often we see each other - it's how often we think about each other."

Hmmmm I see my friends pretty frequently, and I'm grown up :) In fact my best friend is my boyfriend and I've lived with him for 10 years! Maybe these guys mean friends that they outgrow or something :)

"We don't want summer vacation to be over, that's all."

"I say we all go to the beach. and why do we go to the beach? Because we haven't gone once this entire vacation. blue seas blue skies. let's just get on the train and go."

"Maybe you forgot but we're broke."

"Maybe you forgot - I'm smart."

SAVE!!! Thank goodness, an actual save spot, and the game actually lets you do some playing now. Not REAL playing mind you, but some of the tedious chore, running type. Still, it's better than nothing!

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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