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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Help Wanted Chores

It's time for you to actually explore a bit!

"We're going to market street."

You get the Twilight Town Map, and you're currently in the back alley of Twilight Town. You can even "look" at signs around you to learn which way to go.

Look at a Struggle Fight Sign - "Just two days to go. That way no matter who wins, the four of us can split the prize."

"It's a promise."

On to your beach plans.

"One ticket ot the beach is 900 munny, and 300 each to spend."

"Pretzels of course."

"Well there's always watermelon."

"They're 2,000 apiece."

"We need 4,800 munny altogether. "

"But all we have is ... 1600 munny."

As any math genius can tell you, this means that they need 800 munny!

"Whatever, those pretzels are sounding pretty good."

It's time for you to get to work! You have 3 starting jobs you can take. You have to take each one repeatedly to earn cash, so don't worry about which one you start with.

Cargo Climb
Your task here is to repeatedly hit a cart with your weapon to push it up the hill. You get a "ready 3 2 1" and then just start hitting it. You get 30 munny each successful trip. You can see that earning 800 munny is going to take a while.

Another hitting game. You have to impress the crowd by keeping the ball afloat. There's no trick here - just keep hitting it. It goes up automatically each time you make contact.

Your money depends on your score. For example 7 total - not half bad - get 30 munny

Mail Delivery
A Tony Hawk mini-game. You get a skateboard with tricks. Note that 2 of your deliveries are to pigeons, including one in the archway that you have to jump up to. You get anywhere from 10-50 munny depending on how quickly you do the route.

Another 3 jobs become available to you -

Bee Killing
Simple insect slaughter. Kill them all for munny.

Poster Duty
This is the most painful of the duties. There are way more than 20 spots, but you have to get at least 20 posters up as quickly as you can.

Junk Sweep
Another bashing task. Just hit at all the trash until they vanish.

When you get enough cash go back to the station to meet up with Hayner and your friends. "Way to go Roxas!" We got AP +1 dextrous - we're not sure if it's because we mostly did the skateboarding missions :)

"We now have 5000 munny! let's get tickets."

"We can't be together forever so we'd better make the time we do have together ..."

You get a munny pouch. Then you falls down, your stick falls. A black robed guy grabs you and then vanishes."

"Four students - Roxas, the money"

Jeez, the cash is missing! Plus nobody else saw the robed guy?

To make up for this, the four kids sit on an incredibly high ledge. Which makes me ask - where are their parents?? Heck, where are any adults in town who might comment on kids sitting on a dangerous ledge?

They are, of course, eating ice blue ice cream :)

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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