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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Making a Beach

The black robed man says, "Can you feel Sora"

Restoration at 28%

"Namine, hurry"

Now for some conversation that is really intriguing. It explains that this world is a constructed one that Roxas is in.

"Is it really that hard to make a beach?"

"We'd be giving the enemy another entry point."

"and this?" (the munny pouch he stole)

"We can always buy some sea salt ice cream"

They enjoy this little joke.

"Objects from that town must be kept out of the real world."

"You can delete that."

Hey!!! That was our hard earned munny that we just did a ton of boring jobs to get!

Get yourself some soda and popcorn- you have to go through a ton of long cut scenes about past events.

A blonde girl shows up.

"Who are you?"

She smiles but does not answer.

Roxas wakes up. He thinks a girl was there, but she vanishes.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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