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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Meeting Namine

Twilight Town
The 3rd day

You get a message from Haydar; he says to meet him at the station. Be sure to save! Your other friends are named Pence and Olette. Once you hook up with them, they all freeze in time. The blonde shows up and is not frozen.

"And you are ..."

"I wanted to meet you at least once."


"yes you."

She walks out of the area, and the friends go back into motion.

"Did she go to that haunted mansion?"

You run out to a forest. A black circle appears and silver guys come out. You come up with the "other gang" and together you face the silver guys. Well it's just you really. You can't hurt him nor can you leave the square. Seifer just points menacingly at one. Eventually you see the gang surrounded.

"Not Good"

They are frozen in time.

"Roxas! Use the keyblade" calls the blonde.

You zap onto a stained glass image of Sora. You get the trio of choices for your fighting style - shield - sword - staff.

This is "Station of Serenity". We chose the sword - power of the warrior. Suddenly 3 silver guys surround you. Just bash away, they are only training monsters. A chest appears, and you get a potion.

Now a door appears.

"Beyond lies a completely different world. Don't be afraid. Don't stop walking."

You're warned that letting your HP drop to zero = death. So you should use the save spot conveniently provided for you!

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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