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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Station of Calling

You're at the Station of Calling in Twilight Town. There's another stained glass floor with curved paths. You're in prime battle mode now - you fight as you go. There's a chest on the next circle spot with a potion. Go through a series of fights to get to the final door. None are challenging, it's just about learning how to fight.

You run into a giant white guy with a scarf. He suspends you in the air and you attack him. Be sure to attack when you get the green spots - when you do he'll go away and come back then make you fall to a big sphere. You all fall and go at it again. Hit him a bunch before he gets up. Note that you have no life bar on him - that's a skill you will learn. Just keep bashing away.

You'll get another "crucificion" - push him when you get the chance. He throws you up, bash him on the way down. He falls off. In a short while, you slay him.

You get a bonus - maximum hp increase - when he falls there.

Roxio reaches out and is grabbed by the blonde.

"My name is Namine."

"Do you remember your true name?"

Black robed guy decides to interfere.

"Say no more, Namine."

"But if no one tells him Roxas will ..."

"It's best if no one tells him the truth."

"Hey you're that pickpocket."

The black robed guy pushes you into the hole.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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