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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Remainder of Day 3

We get some more time with Seifer's gang now.

"Seifer strike a pose ya know"

"That's totally perfect you know"

"How bout one more you know"

Surely someone who has a verbal tic like this would not say it EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! :)

"What's that for?"

"What were those things?"


Wait, Patrick Swayze is coming into the game?? Hah, I guess not. The young kids run off, back to the clubhouse.

It turns out the entire day has gone by - and they didn't want to go the beach without him. Awwww.

"Hey, how about we go tomorrow?"

Blondie adds in, "I promised I'd be somewhere ... I'm outta here."


restoration at 48%

Now we're with the black robed guys again.

"Was that Namine made of data? "

"No, Namine hijjacked the data herself. Look what she's done now. She's totally beyond my control. "

The red guy chimes in.

"Calm down. It doesn't matter. As long as Namine accomplshes her goal, we needen't worry about what befalls Roxas."

You get more scenes of Sora and the old game.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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