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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
Struggle Challenge

OK, time for a challenging day! Roxas wakes up. "Right ... promise ... what a mess ..."

Twilight Town
The 4th Day

You have to hurry to the sandlot - you're going to be late! Hah, like they'd start without you. Setzer - the gambler from Final Fantasy 6 - is a struggle combatant.

The four final combatants before Setzer are you, Seifer, Vivi and Hayner. The winner will get the four crystal trophy. Note that the item shop is now open, but you don't really need it.

It's funny when you talk to some people here, their mouth moves a TON but they say very little. Suspicous. In essence the game is that you get 100 orbs and hit each other to remove them. Whoever ends a match with the most orbs wins.

Raynar is first. You don't look happy to face him.

"Hey, sorry about yesterday."

"What, you still worried about that? You need to learn to let that stuff go."

"I've got a lot on my mind."

"Sorry man"

"Wait, what am I sorry for?"

Your master clue from Setzer is pretty silly - "one strategy is to run around until time runs out". Hah. Your real strategy is to blast away to get combos. Combos get you a ton of orbs. You should be able to win the first battle easily.

"I guess I taught you well."

"I had a lot of fun fighting you."

"Well, I didn't wise guy"

"Hey let's find away to cheer you up."

Now you watch Vivi and Seifer - Vivi wins. Hardly any orbs spill in this one. "That's not Vivi" says Seifer to you. "Thrash him." Be sure to save first!!

Now you fight Vivi. You should be able to win this one pretty easily if you can land the combos. When you win, everybody freezes again mid-cheer. Vivi turns into a silver guy, and now there are 3 of them. You get the keyblade so that you can fight them. When you slay them, everybody stays frozen.

The black robed guy shows up and says "Roxas all right - fight fight fight. You really don't remember it's me. You know, Axel."


"Talk about blank with a capital B.

"Man oh man even the dusks aren't going to crash this one."

"Wait a sec tell me what's going on."

"This one is his creation right."

"Which means we don't have time for a Q & A"

"You're coming with me conscious or not."

the world starts to waver

"Roxas - what's going on?"

The blade zaps into his hand.

"Number 13. Roxas. The keyblade's chosen one."

"Okay fine. you asked for it" (preparing to fight)

Note that he doesn't make little orby things. Hopefully if you've got the combo thing down, you win the fight without too much effort.

Now the red robed guy shows up.

Red haired guy - "so it was you."

Red robed guy - "this man speaks nonsense."

"Roxas, don't let him deceive you"

Roxas calls out his friends names, and he's back into the cheering crowd. Vivi falls down, confused.

It's now time to face Setzer. He asks you to throw the match. "Let me win and I'll make it worth your while." You refuse. Hopefully you now understand the technique to win :)

Setzer goes for a dramatic comment but loses his chance. As a winner, you get a belt and trophy. The belt is wearable - champion belt - increases fire blizzard thunder

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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