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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
First Six Wonders

You're now at Sunset Station. "Aren't these the steps you talked about? The ones that count different when you go up and down? Rai's the one who counted." It's funny but we almost had ourselves convinced this was true at first, but of course it's not :) There are 16 steps in the first section.

Spot #1. Go to friend beyond the wall - touch it - balls start to come through. You'll get a countdown and then the waves begin. Watch the patterns to dodge left and right as you move towards the wall. When you get close, a green spot will light up in the lower center of that wall. Don't get frustrated - just time your movements and expect to get pushed back a lot.

When you hit the green spot, fuzz - your friend runs to join you. "Were you throwing a ball?" He discounts this as a wonder without even finding out the truth! Sheesh.

Next, the moans from the tunnel. You find Vivi, but now there are 3 of him. More show up as you fight. Just focus and keep slashing at them. Once you kill them all, fuzz. Another Vivi comes in - "What is it Roxas? oh did you need this Roxas?" He waves the sword around. Wonder #2 down.

Now on to the doppelganger. Run over to the waterfall. You see yourself in the water reflection. Suddenly, "you" walk out of the waterfall and turn into a dark shadow you. it's a fight, not too challenging, but interesting. When you kill him - fuzz. "Roxas - you all right?" They mark it off as another wonder.

OK, the animated bag. Go up to the bag on top of the hill - you have to jump on it and ride it. The bag has a stamina bar. The stamina goes down when you're on it and then up when you are knocked off. Get back on as quickly as you can. When the bag hits the trash cans you're knocked off. When the stamina is done, it fuzzes. You find the lost dog that the boy below complained about.

Now on to wonder #6. Your friends show up - they got a lead. This is the ghost train mystery - you can see it from sunset hill. There's a chest with potion here. They look down watching for the train. Apparently it has no driver, no passengers, no return. Everybody sits down to wait. Seifer shows up. "We're waiting for the ghost train". He laughs. "Why does looking at you always tick me off?"

"Maybe it's destiny."

"Destiny? In that case let's be friends. I don't feel like cooperating with destiny." He walks off.

"Seifer?" (says the girl)

"I know, tomorrow."

You all see the train coming.

"It's really true - and there's really noone aboard."

"Then it's real? Let's go to the station."

You all get there - you want to go on but blondie holds you back. When you turn around, it vanishes. The regular orange train shows up.

Your pal pushes you onto the orange train.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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