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Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough
At the Tower

"Someone's at the entrance of the castle. "

There are three chests here. Get a potion, hi potion and ether. Then go towards the stairs.

"What's going on?"

"I sent some of my lackeys inside to see if the master is as big and tough as they say. Word is he's a real powerful sorcerer which would make him the perfect bodyguard to me. See it doesn't matter how tough he is - once he's a heartless he'll do what I say"


"My dear friend Maleficent is going to conquer everything and since I have a debt to pay, I'm building an army of heartless special for her."

"Go on, scram, I'm behind schedule as it is."

"You aught find something nicer to say."

"Aahhhh it's you!"


"What are you two nimrods doing here?"

"What are you doing here?"

"You know him?"

"We sure do - Pete's been causing trouble for ages."

"His Majesty banished him to another dimension a long time ago. I wonder how he escaped."

"Maleficient busted me out, that's how ... and now your world - no no no all the worlds - are gonna belong to yours truly because Maleficient's gonna help me conquer them."

(ha ha ha ha ha)

"What are you laughing at?"

"Why Maleficient's power is so great."

"She's toast."

"Sorry but Maleficient can't help ya now."

"Whattda mean?"

"You - so you're the ones who did it!"

"Well, we mighta had something to do with it."

"Heartless squad round up!"

"You just wait - nobody and nobody and I do mean nobody messes with mighty Pete!"

"So might Pete who lives in this tower anyway?"

"oh ya you don't know - well it's old Yen Sid."

"Course he's probably a heartless by now."

"Master Yen Sid lives here?"

"Yen Sid is the King's teacher."

"Wow - sounds powerful!"

They run off and leave Pete behind. There's a chest with ether. Near the save spot is another chest with a mythril shard.

Now you run up the stairs.

"Heartless, heartless, heartless. Things haven't changed one bit."

"Well it's a good thing we're on the job then."

"So the worlds aren't at peace after all?"

Go through the door and up the long straight stairs. There's more fighting. Finally the trio bows to an elderly man - the wizard from sorcerer's apprentice.

"So you are Sora?"

"Now then, have you seen the king yet?"

"Yes we did, master, but we didn't get a chance to talk to him."

"Yes, the king has been quite busy of late. Therefore it would seem that the task of instructing you three falls upon my shoulders. You have a perilous journey ahead of you. You must be well prepared."

"You mean we have to go on another quest?"

"I was looking forward to finding my friend Riku, so we could go back to the islands."

"Yes I know - however everything in your journey, Sora, is connected. Whether you will find your way home to your islands, whether you will return alone or with your friend, and whether or not the islands will still be there ... and the key that connects them all is you, Sora."

"I'm the key?" Sora makes the keyblade appear.

"Chosen wielder of the keyblade. You are the key that will open the door to light."

(nod) The master makes a big book appear.

"This book contains valuable knowledge you will need for your journey - study it carefully. Once you have finished, we will speak of the enemies you will surely confront save spot go to the book. various sections of it - all random reality hidden memories truth etc. back to master, ask questions how come the heartless are stlil runing around yoru pas endeavors did prevent a vas infusion of heartless from the great darkness. however the heartless are darkness made real and darkness yet lingers in every yeart. the heartless are fewer. but while darkness exists in a single heart it will be difficult to eliminate them. if everybody's heart was full of light then darkness would go away. now it is time to speak fo the enemis that you will encounger if one such as you donald yheilds to the darkness in our heart they to will become a heartless the heartless are always lurking and ever seeking to get new hearts. never let your guard down now then at times if someone with a strong hear tand will be they evil or good becomes a heartless they empty shell they levae behidn beigns to act with a will of its own an empty vessel who se heart has been solen away even as its body fades from existeence for you see nobodies truly do not exist at all nobodyies may seem to have feelings but this is a ruse they only prettend to have hearts. you must not be deceived. nobodies they don't exist now then the being you see before you is know as a dusk. they are the most ocmmon form of nobody. but there are others some larger some with frightening and unique powers be vigilent on our joueny you wil meet a n alarming number of dusks they will all atrtmept to do you harm still they are nothign but empty shells destined to return to darkness but the being you see nobefor eyou nwo are different. these powerful nobodies have formed a grp caleld org iiix it commadns the lesser nobodies. organization xiii whiel heartless act on instinct nobodies funciton in a higher manner. they can think and plan and it seems they are working towards a goal. what that goal is we do not know. the king sensed the daner and joruneyed forth to fight it. he found teh dark realms keyblade and with it closed the door now he's traveling from world to work fidngint the heartless as she seesk teh answer to the ridele of the nobodies and org xiii but where could be he be well we won't know until we look the king must know where riku is so before you go you will need more uistable traveling clothes those look a bit too small for you. thorugh there you'll find three good farries if you ask they'll create fo ryou appropraite garments gawros sora you sure are growing fast uh i guess me you guys riku and the king i don't knw what this organization is or what it's planning with the five of us i mean six ... talk to fairies - ches tmythril stones get new clothes and an orb wow two keyblades this journey's gonna bet wtwice as difficult as your last your garments also have other powers but you will have to discover what they are as you continue on your nourney ok I'll do my best. tanks a lot oh and there's smoething else fo ryou from maser yen sid star seeker sword - increases max combo by 1 valor form drive command is in lower left now the other items in the room don't do anything mater waves you over to look hey it' sthe gummi ship so you guys ready to go? ow now just a moment (says master) because of your previous end the worlds have returned to their original tstates that means the pathways between them have disappeared how do we get around? do not fear if what the king suspected proves trues the worlds have prepared new pathways along which you may travel these pathways may be utilized by unlocked special gates hwo these gates are opened I'm afriad I do not know however the keyblade will serve as your guide when a beam of light radiates from the keyblade return to the gummi ship tho ethe worlds may seem far apart and out of erach tehy do remain connected by invisibile ties as do our hearts our hearts are connected that is correct go tit but be warned as you proceed the heartles sand the nobodies will be using their own paths corridors of darkness to travel from worl dto world they may be atetmpting to link tehse dark pathways to the gates etween teh worlds hey that's not fair nwo then that is all the informaiton i can give ot you go forth sora donald and goofy everyoen is waiting ok let's get going master yen sid we sure do appreciate the help my goodnes swhat's that says blue fairy crow is there lifting up a black robe haven't we seen this somwhere before yes dear I wonder whose it was oh lmalefi no we mustn' remember her name. oh dear she was a mean ol' witch oh no the memories are coming back what'll we do ooh what'll we do they all babble perhaps we should tell maser vs yes that is what we should do hurry blue witch remaines maledificent and runs she's back and smiles he he he h ehe --------------------- howdy sora how ya doin? it's your favorite gummi engineers ready for duty c and d happy flying only one? that's no good wait I think it's a world we know

Kingdom Hearts 2 Walkthrough

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