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King Kong Walkthrough
Landing on Skull Island

The game begins with a video sequence. You learn about the four main characters. Carl wants to make a movie. Anne is his leading lady. Hayes is the bodyguard, and you are Jack, a helper. You all go on a boat to Skull Island.

You learn about up/down as your boat is lowered into the water. You go through a rough ocean, then land. Now you learn how to walk. Follow the group up the stairs and towards the cave. It's dark in here - Anne pulls out a flare and lights the way.

Time for a combat lesson. You see monsters, so grab the gun from Hayes and fire away at the monsters. You might have to walk forward into the water to lure out the remaining ones. When they're all dead, go through to the other side.

You see the boat from here, and 2 pillars. Grab a lever and walk around the pillar to turn it. While you do, Anne screams as ordered and Kong bellows back in response. "let's stay focussed" says Carl. "Look out!"

A horde of monsters come out of the ocean. They can actually grab your characters and drag them down, and other characters will then pull the people back to safety. Anne will heal up any injuries. You get one giant monster, and then you can go through the door.

You go up a row of stairs and see a plane fly over. You call out but apparently he can't land in this water. Follow the group down the rock path and bash the crate that's hanging there. You can grab a shotgun from the case.

Go down and shoot some enemies, bash a door open, then shoot some more. At the door, pick up the lever and "attack" to put it in the post. Once again walk around the pillar to open the door. "The legendary skull island" says Carl.

I have to wonder - why are the 2 guys with guns trailling in the group?

King Kong Walkthrough

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