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King Kong Walkthrough

You are now Kong. Your task is to chase after Anne who is being dragged away by the bad guys. Keep going forward - climbing, lumbering and jumping your way to victory. You'll get to a spot where the flying guy sits down - be sure to swat all the pink guys before climbing up after him.

A lot of this level is simple Super Mario type work. You time your swings to move from branch to branch. You climb up the vines. You get to a fighting sequence with the flying dude on a rock top. Press Y repeatedly to go into Matrix-like slo-mo and take out the enemies. Then hammer B or A when it tells you to finish off the bad guy.

When you're done, push off the pillar and go through the door. Go down the ropes and jump "towards the screen" twice to get onto land. Now you ar erunning towards the screen to get to Ann and slaying the dinos. She'll wait for you. At the bridge, climb on the vines behind the pillar. If it won't let you do this, go back and make sure you've slain all monsters behind you.

At the next chasm do the same thing. Hit B to pick her up. Awwwwwwwwwwww he loves her.

King Kong Walkthrough

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