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King Kong Walkthrough

Walk out and find another ammo box. You'll see guys trying to land a boat - they can't. Bash down a crate for more ammo, then go up to the fire area. Grab a spear, attack the fire then attack the brush to light it on fire. You'll be using this technique a LOT.

Go through the opening down into a cave area. Get ready for a LARGE fight with a series of monsters. They'll come from all 4 corners, so stand in the center and keep an eye out. Try to conserve your ammo as much as you can, use the spears when you can. When you finish off the first wave, there's a short talk and then more monsters attack.

When you finish that set, now the door is open and you head out into the open. Here you'll fight both flying monsters and ground ones. Just be patient and pick them off. You can see a box ahead. Walk across the plank carefully to it and reload.

Now there's this whole long sequence of her going across the wall. You go up the plank walk while she does her climbinb. You meet up with her on the top.

Gead forward into the gap. Knock down the flying thing and the centipedes will eat it. Kill them off too, then go down and grab a spear by the entry way. Hit the fire and light the bushes all around you to burn down everything.

Move through into an area with little bugs. Spear one - skewer it - then throw the bug-skewer over to the side, The bigger nasties will follow it and you can get past.

King Kong Walkthrough

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