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King Kong Walkthrough

Follow Anne along into the path, killing a few flyers. Go up through the twisting passageways, all different, and watch her climb up a wall. Shoot down the enemies that come at her. She says she sees a huge wall.

Anne throws down fire to burn the bushes away for you. Now she says "swim" - she'll cover you. Jump into the nasty water and go along. It starts to rain. Note that you can't attack in swimming mode.

When you get to the end she helps you climb up and out. You can spear any remaining monsters once you climb up. Once you're ready, go forward to the fire. Get the flame and set the bushes on fire. Now follow her up the slope.

In this next area you see a fire in a skull. Throw a spear at it to burn the bushes. When it's clear, run through.

You get to Hayes and Carl. He has the sniper rifle! More monsters now come from behind, take them all out.

King Kong Walkthrough

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