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King Kong Walkthrough
The Wall

Bash down the door. Deal with the friendly centipede attack. You hear the plane come in again. Hit the firepots from here to burn up the bush and take out enemies. The bone supply is infinite so use those. there are a TON of monsters here to kill.

Head through the room and along to some wooden bridges. Go across the bridge and left. Cross the next bridge and you see a fire pot by a wall. Knock it down to set the brush on fire.

Work your way forward, Anne now goes up to open the door. Go through the door when she does.

Anne finds a winch. You sit below while she works on it. The door opens and red-eyed natives are all in there. This was really funny, Bob was playing and I was taking notes. "Look, they're friendly!" I say as Bob back-pedals furiously to get away. "They want to be your friends!" Next thing, BASH, they hit him with a spear.

King Kong Walkthrough

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